We help people experiencing homelessness get off the streets through an all mobile, person-centered, and solution-first approach.

On any given night 567,715 people experience homelessness in America. We're committed to seeing that decrease through a unique, mobile-first approach that ensures that our homeless friends get the personalized care and resources that they need and deserve.

Please email (volunteer@metrorelief.org) or call for a reservation 214-705-3555

Mobile Resource Bus

Every week our staff and volunteers take our buses to homeless hotspots to provide food, hygiene kits, clothing, and prayer to our friends. This creates open doors for our case managers to begin one-on-one care to help get people off the street and into a home.

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Street Outreach

Our case managers are constantly on the move searching for people experiencing homelessness. By partnering with local law enforcement and municipalities, we're able to quickly find people living on the streets, replace critical documents, and connect them with resources.

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Mobile Case Management

We do whatever it takes to get our friends home. On any given day you'll find our case managers visiting new sites, driving clients to appointments, and fighting relentlessly to find any available option to get our friends off the street into stable housing.

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